This drawing has been designed only after 10 months by our fashion student :

Miriam Borgonovo (ITA)


Elaborate straps, V-necks, inlays of flowers and combinations of different materials: a review with a modern twist to the classic head Japanese kimono. Usually in the form of T, the classic dress, retains some straight lines, others broken by new elements. Lengths, generally show up to your ankles in the innovative cuts. Remains the typical narrow band under the bust, called “Obi”. Predominant in this collection are a variety of floral patterns, tone-on-tone or red color typical Japanese, and as climbers trying to climb along the dress, so wrapping the figure, and adding a touch of elegance but also ostentatious, almost as silk cloth had been mistaken for a painting that the painter enriched with buds in bloom. “The word Geisha means artist, and to be Geisha is to be evaluated as a work of art in motion”. “An artist of the floating world: Dance, Sings, Entertains you.” “Memoirs of a Geisha” The predominant colors are: black, gray, red and pink. Materials: lace, silk, taffeta and chiffon.