December 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Isabel Chiesa (Italy) INSPIRATION: I realized this collection for a bold woman who faces the cold seasons with a touch of elegance. The common thread among the outfits are the down jacket, the boots, the scottish pattern and the colors. Main colors are red and the shades of brown. TECHNIQUE USED: promarker, caran d'ache pastels and white micro-tip.  

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November 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Nicola Molin (Italy) TITLE: L'élégance sur les roses INSPIRATION: For the creation of the 3 outifts, I was inspired by the Versace's sensuality, merging the power of the leather with the delicate elengance of roses. COLORING METHOD: Promarker, colored pencils

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October 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Germán Zurita (Spain) DESCRIPTION: Gardens of the dwelling, is mainly inspired by the "Atauriques" of the Mosque of Córdoba. It is a collection that, under this decorative motif, creates a set of elements with different materials that combine with each other, to create beautiful designs made with the techniques of that time, such as cordovan and embroidery. The "atauriques" have a background beyond the simple decorative fact, a very particular meaning within the Arab world, they represent Eden / Yanna, a place expected [...]

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September 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Felicia Romano (Italy) CONTEMPORARY FEMININITY: A determined, strong and sincere woman, elements linked exclusively to men who focus on androgynous lines. The historical events and the feminist struggles have led to transform the vision of the woman bringing her ever closer to what she is for the stereotypes "man". STAINING TECHNIQUES: pantones, pastels and gel pens FABRICS: cotton, tweed and silk cady.  

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August 2021


Chiara Milani This drawing was made by our student: Chiara Milani (Italy) COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantoni Promarker, Caran D'Ache pastels and gold micro-tip COLLECTION NAME: As in a painting (Klimt) INSPIRATION: For this collection I decided to take inspiration from the works of Gustav Klimt, one of the most significant artists of the Viennese seccession. I reworked three of his works including the famous !tree of life" transforming them into elegant fantasies of gold color to recall the painting technique of the leaf gold used by the artist this [...]

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July 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Arianna Bertoglio (Italy) NAME: Streetfresh For a rebel young girl, who is not afraid to dare with colors and patterns. For this mini collection I was inspired by the street, by all those young people who, tired of the restrictions to which the pandemic has led, are ready to go out and do sports activities, without sacrificing comfort, with original and contrasting combinations. PATTERN: Motivo Kashmir COLORS: Neon COLORING TECHNIQUE: pantones, pastels gel and pens FABRICS: kashmir, denim and cotton fabrics     [...]

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